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University e-mail: a website that collects general information about the e-mail system, configuration descriptions for e-mail programs, and solutions regarding the operation of the central e-mail of the Jagiellonian University.

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JU E-Mail Service - EMPLOYEES

JU E-Mail Service - EMPLOYEES

The Jagiellonian University has launched a new, modern e-mail system for its employees, offering numerous interesting features while increasing the comfort and security of information exchange. The system operates on the basis of a new, local hardware infrastructure of the Jagiellonian University.

Terms and conditions of use of the Jagiellonian University Central Electronic E-Mail System

Terms and conditions of use of the Jagiellonian University Central Electronic E-Mail System

Staff e-mail


Employees of the Jagiellonian University log in to the e-mail service via

Staff – receiving passwords – locations


You can receive your e-mail login data ONLY at one of the following locations:

  • IT Services Department, Help Desk, Straszewskiego 25, room 4a
  • Collegium Medicum IT Centre, Kopernika 7e, room 1
  • Campus Administration Department, Gronostajowa 3, room 107 (after prior appointment by phone: +48 506 006 789)

Changing staff account password

In order to change your password, log in at Personal Identity Profile  ( and click the CHANGE PASSWORD button. 

The new password should be 8-16 characters long and contain at least:

one uppercase letter
one lowercase letter
one number
one of the following special characters

Recovering lost e-mail password via SMS

If you forget your password, you can reset it yourself using a procedure based on SMS messages.

This procedure is possible only if the user has previously added a phone number, which can be used to receive SMS with a code.

If the above condition is met, the user can reset the password themselves by running an application available at

Please note that if you have both an employee and a student account, you will change passwords to both accounts at the same time.

It may take a few minutes to propagate a new password for Office 365.

This procedure does not cover setting a new SAP password and your password to the PI staff website.

You can add the phone number used in this procedure in your Personal Identity Profile or (for employees migrating their e-mail accounts from the old system) on the activation screen of the new e-mail account. More about the PIP.

A step-by-step description of the password reset procedure is available at

Checking the expiration date of your e-mail account.

In order to check the expiration date of your e-mail account, please log in to your Personal Identity Profile at 

In the Usługi/Services tab, find  - Data końc. k. lokalnego (Local Account End Date)

In case of extending the validity of the email account, the new date will appear under - Rozsz. ważności k. prac (Employee Account Validity Date Extension).

Personal Identity Profile - Employee Mail

Ladies and Gentlemen,

you may now use the:


Thanks to this service, you can log in to:

  • check your employee records,
  • add your mobile phone number for SMS, which will make it easier to reset your password – you can find the appropriate button in the bottom right corner of the page – "Edit phone number for SMS",
  • change your password or set the same password,
  • check the list of your addresses/aliases,
  • check your email account size.

Feel free to learn more about the service – you can find it at:

E-mail client settings for staff accounts

MS Exchange e-mail configuration guide for Thunderbird

Below, you can find compete settings for e-mail clients, which will enable you to use your Jagiellonian University staff accounts.

  • Configuration for the new e-mail system

server type: IMAP
server name:
port: 993
encryption method: SSL/TLS

server type: SMTP
server name:
port: 587
encryption method: STARTTLS

  • POP3 - not supported.

MS Exchange e-mail configuration guide for Outlook

Employees of the Jagiellonian University can log in to the new e-mail service using

University e-mail's sending limits


Creating a functional account

The application for a functional account can be completed on our website in the Forms tab.

Creating an account for a guest/fellow/volunteer of the Jagiellonian University

The application for a guest/fellow/volunteer account can be completed on our website in the Forms tab.

Sending a message as attachment

There are two ways to send a message as an attachment:

Drag the mouse to attach the message:
  1. Open a new message or reply to an existing message or forward it.

  2. Open the message in a new window by selecting Otwórz w nowym oknie.

  3. Arrange the windows so that the message is visible both in the message list and as a new message.

  4. Select and drag the message you want to attach from the list of messages to your new message.

Copy and paste to attach the message:
  1. In the list view, select the message you want to attach and press Ctrl+C to copy it.

  2. Open a new message or reply to an existing message or forward it.

  3. When a new message opens, press Ctrl+V to attach the copied message.

E-mail server message: Your mailbox is almost full.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

If you are using new staff e-mail accounts, you may sometimes receive e-mails informing you that your mailbox is almost full. Such messages contain links to websites where you need to enter your login and password in order to make your inbox bigger. Do not click this link or enter your details under any circumstances! If you do, your e-mail account may be compromised by hackers.

Our mail system informs users about mailboxes being full by:

  1. displaying messages while checking e-mail at,
  2. displaying messages in MS Outlook client configured to connect to Exchange Server,
  3. automatic e-mail message.

How can you tell the difference between a true and a fake message?

  1. The real message does not contain any links to other websitesnie.
  2. The mailbox space bar tells you how much space you are using compared to the available quota.
  3. At the end of the message, you may find information about what you can do in order to increase the amount of free space.

In justified cases it is possible to increase the standard size of your e-mail account. A description of this procedure can be found at


Example of a valid message from the Central University E-Mail server:

Data: 1 marca 2017 00:00:00 CET
Do: <>
Temat: Twoja skrzynka pocztowa jest prawie pełna.

Twoja skrzynka pocztowa jest prawie pełna.

1886 MB


1953 MB

Obecny rozmiar


Maksymalny rozmiar

Zmniejsz rozmiar używanej skrzynki pocztowej. Usuń z niej niepotrzebne elementy i opróżnij folder Elementy usunięte.


W przypadku pytań prosimy o kontakt z zespołem obsługi użytkowników – Pomoc informatyczna UJ w ramach Działu Usług Informatycznych:

  • poprzez stronę
  • telefonicznie: 12 663 1010, 12 663 1011, 12 663 1012

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