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About 400 university websites were created on the Jagiellonian University Portal. The platform allows you to quickly publish and edit information on the Internet without knowing advanced technologies.Portalu UJ

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Jagiellonian University Website

Jagiellonian University Website

The main website of the Jagiellonian University can be found at, It contains information about the university and latest news. The website offers information and advice for people who want to learn more about the Jagiellonian University Website and create a website within its framework.

Currently our portal features more than 500 published websites and about 100 are in the process of being created.

How do I create a web page in the university domain?

First, you should contact Promotion and Information Department to talk about the design of the site and to provide appropriate documents.

The next step is to appoint people responsible for the site and participating in instructional workshops. After that, you may start working on your website. The PID team will support you in the initial stages of creating your website and prepares administrators and editors, teaching them how to manage your new website.

You can find out more at

How to choose your address?

The website address depends on the nature of the entity and its position in the university hierarchy. Higher-ranking units (for example faculties) as well as central administration units (Education Department, Social Department) can get addresses such as

Most other units (such as chairs and departments) must include their parent unit in the website name, for example

The addresses of the conference websites end with

Academic clubs can obtain an address in the KNF domain, they may also set up a website in their parent entity domain.

Publishing to the homepage of the Jagiellonian University

The Promotion and Information Department is responsible for the content of the Jagiellonian University homepage. If a given information should be published in one of the sections of the University homepage, contact the Department at

Learning how to use the portal (workshops and tutorials)

In order to be granted permission to manage your website, need to take part in workshopsat least in the first, preliminary level. More ambitious users can take advantage of an advanced workshop and individual meetings. The workshops are supplemented by: tutorials

Where do I get graphic materials to publish on the website?

The Promotion and Information Department has graphic materials that can be used on university websites. In order to obtain access, send an e-mail to visit the PID office at Michałowskiego 9/3 in person.

What should I keep in mind when creating web pages?

Good practices for building a website:

  1. Take care about the quality of information.
  2. Update your website on a regular basis.
  3. Pay attention to the quality and dimensions of graphic elements.
  4. Never leave any empty spaces on the website.
  5. Format your texts in a consistent and uniform manner.
  6. Localise all content if your website is ever translated.
  7. Make sure to have less than 7 items in total in the main menu.
  8. Add no more than 10 subpages to the drop-down menu.
  9. Set friendly URLs for your pages.
  10. Never use spaces in file names.

What are the most common errors?

Among the most common mistakes are:

  • Inadequate use of templates and lack of knowledge of the basics of HTML and CSS,
  • inadequate information structure,
  • Bad dimensions and quality of graphic materials,
  • Broken links,
  • Too long names in the menu and sub-menus,
  • Websites serving as link aggregators,
  • Inappropriate linking,
  • Making multi-level menus,
  • Anonymous authors,
  • Duplicating the Jagiellonian University emblem in the content and graphics on the website.

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