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SAP and PI: basic information about the Integrated University Management System, first steps and operation of the SAP system. Issues pertaining to logging in, filling in requests and permissions concerning the SAP production system.

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I cannot log in to the SAP system

All procedures for logging into the system can be found in the following links:

I forgot my password to SAP and Information Portal

In order to recover the password to the SAP system or the Information Portal, please visit To the right of the login window, you can find a “problems with logging in?” link. When you click on this link, a password recovery procedure will start. Follow the instructions.
Note: in order to recover the SAP and the Information Portal password, you need to remember your login details to your university e-mail account in the domain.

I cannot log in to the Extranet

You can find a manual here, you can also go to and find it in the “Network” tab.

I have no permissions

If you do not have permissions (which is signalled by the SAP system by means of the red highlighted message saying “NO PERMISSIONS…” in the lower part of the SAPGUI window) you should start a new fresh SAPGUI session (using system -> create session option from the menu or by clicking the “square with a sun” icon – fourth icon on the right under the menu, you can also press CTRL+N) and then run a SU53 transaction in this new session. You need to take a screenshot of the result of the SU53 transaction and send it to You will be informed about your new permissions via e-mail.

How to start a transaction and so something with it?

Please refer to the guides available at For your convenience, you can use the search engine at (upper right corner of the homepage) to search for the transaction you want to learn more about to find a PDF manual concerning this transaction.

How do I delete a UCP request?

In the recorded applications, which have not yet been submitted to the Verification Department ("O" - Open application status), it is possible to change the type of agreement, the subject of the agreement, the date of the agreement and the justification.

What can I do to transfer my request, order or reservation of resources to the next year?

In case of documents financed from the MPK, orders and PSP K/IIA* elements, please send an e-mail to a request to transfer requests/orders/reservations to the indicated year. You will need to specify the numbers of documents to be transferred. You will be informed about the transfer status via e-mail.

In case of documents financed from other sources (PSP elements), please submit your request for transfer to relevant accounting departments.

How do I remove a reservation of funds (obligo)?

Depending on the source of financing, you should send an e-mail with a request for its removal to relevant person, in line with the announcement at

What HR transactions are available through SAP-GUI for unit managers (PA/PY)?

The list of transactions with guides can be found at
You can attend an individual training session, carried out by the:
      * Training Team: (012) 663 32 62, (012) 663 32 47/49

Where can I get the numbers of accounting records for ZHR_LISTAPLAC_DZIEK (PY) transactions?

You should download the Excel file with the current accounting records at

Change direct telephone number (desk phone) of an employee

After logging in to select “My data” from the menu and then click on the “My data” icon. Then open the “Official data” tab and press the “Change telephone number” button. After changing the desk phone number, press “Save changes and close the window”.

The information will be updated in the employee search engine within a few minutes.

I want to make a training appointment

First you need to call the relevant team in the Department of University Management Systems at the Jagiellonian University (depending on the subject matter of the training) to set a date (
Then you should fill in the form available at

If you did not find an answer to your question…

For more information, please visit


Describe and report your problem to IT Help Desk staff using the form available on the website or by sending a message to