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Account blockade - SPAMER

If you get a notification that your employee or student account (or accounts) has been blocked due to spam messages, the password to your account has probably been taken over by unauthorized persons.

The most common reason is the usage of the university password also when logging in to other websites, which are not always appropriately secured. Hackers can steal login details from such insecure sites. Perhaps, you lost your password due to infection by malware on your computer or phone.

Therefore, access to IT systems of the Jagiellonian University - including the USOS, Pegaz, O365 systems - has been blocked.

Procedure to restore access to the Jagiellonian University systems

The procedure for unblocking the account consists of two stages:

  • Make sure that the equipment you use (computers, mobile phones) is free of malware;
  • Set a new password for the account (by yourself or in contact with the IT Support team).

In the first step, you should scan all devices you use with an anti-virus program (computers, mobile phones, etc.)

If you are an employee of Jagiellonian University, you can download the anti-virus program from the website:

If you have received an SMS notification that your account has been blocked, it means that your mobile phone number has been added to the identity management system of JU. It allows you to set a new password for blocked accounts by yourself. In this case, please run the password change application available at It will be necessary to enter the codes sent via SMS.

If there is no possibility to change the password yourself, contact the IT Support team. You can contact us via the website or by phone 12 663 50 70.

Recommendations for secure login

  • The new password has to be used only in the systems of the Jagiellonian University. You shouldn't use it on other websites.
  • You should always verify the addresses of the website on which you use the login details of your University account. These websites must have an address in the domain and should be secured with a valid certificate (padlock symbol in the address bar).
  • Your login details shouldn't be remembered by the browser, as this is often the main reason for taking over your account and sending unsolicited messages.